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AUGUST 18, 2008   

Questions on teaching design vs. teaching software

This school year I'll be on sabbatical from my teaching position at Cuyahoga Community College. Instead of teaching students to design & build websites and interactive projects, I'll be off learning how others teach and learn. Specifically I will talk with other teachers and their students about how they teach and learn in classes that are highly computer/software-dependent, i.e., web and interactive design.

Here's a description of the problem as I see it, along with preliminary plans for my research, which will involve traveling to as many schools as will have me (and I can afford to visit). I want to sit in on classes to experience them first-hand as well as talking with folks. Ultimately I'll try to take everything I've learned and put it together in the form of suggested Best Practices for teaching computer-based design. I'm trying to approach this with as few preconceptions as possible and hope to simply follow the research to see where it leads.

For design teachers:

If you teach a college-level class that depends on the computer/software, please take my short questionnaire about how you approach your class. It will take ten minutes or less, and is very important to me in getting a sense of the landscape I'm going to explore.

Just click the link below to take the survey, thanks to SurveyMonkey (a great online tool):

Teaching software, teaching design (a brief questionnaire)

Please forward this link to any colleague who may be interested, post it on your blog, etc. The more responses I get now, the better questions I'll be able to ask later.

Not a teacher?

If you're not an educator yourself, perhaps you know someone who is. If so, please forward the link to them. Either way, thanks!

If you'd like to get survey results (around the end of September), check that option when you take the survey. If you have any suggestions and comments on the topic and/or my plans, please tell me by clicking the "Comments" link below.

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