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MAY 28, 2008   More below: POSTERS | COSMIC

All American?

Max Motors: Free handgun or Gas Card with every purchase

I couldn't make stuff like this up—no one would believe me. But see for yourself (it gets worse).

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More American?

Art of Politics logoThis poster competition begun by two Portland, Oregon women provides an another, more admirable, American vision: diversity and free speech.

The goal of the contest is to encourage people to speak out on issues of local, national or global significance. 250 posters were entered by artists ages 5 to 70. Until May 31, 2008 you can vote for your favorite poster.

When I browsed through these posters I felt better—even the anti-Obama ones are more rational than the diatribe on the Max Motors site.

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Cosmic beauty

Thor's HelmetYou can leave the Earth's petty politics behind by visiting Sky-Map.org. I've spent an hour or more in the last two days looking at its incredible photos of stars, galaxies, and nebulae.

Sky-Map is a huge database of interstellar photos from various sources that works like a Google map: move around the sky, zoom in and out on objects.

Start by clicking any name that catches your fancy on the home page's list of Attractive Spots of the Universe. The names are surprisingly visual: Eye of God, Scorpions Heart, Tadpole Galaxy, Mice Galaxies. The beautiful cosmic cloud nebula above is Thor's Helmet. Don't miss the "Hot" Interacting Galaxies at the top of the list, nor my favorite, Galactic Center in infrared.

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