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DECEMBER 5, 2007  

Newspaper clipping on what to wear to a partyVisual communication—it's everywhere!

I'm always thrilled to see visual communication in the news—it gives me a way of showing students that what we talk about in class lives in the big world outside. It's especially helpful when the people discussing it aren't professional visual communicators (artists, designers, etc.) but nonetheless are referring to concepts that we cover in class.

What you see here is a piece from an article in today's Plain Dealer "Style" section talking about how to know what to wear to a party. The term "decode" could be right out of an article on semiotics, and the comparison of the messages sent by the different typography of each invitation right out of Week 12 in our Intro to Visual Communications class.

Incidentally, it's amazing to realize that there are just two more weeks left in the semester. As a final project I typically have students research quotes on a topic like "success" and then create a piece of visual communication that expresses the quote. This time I thought it would be more interesting to see what they think about success, so they're using their own words as the basis for the piece.

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