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APRIL 17, 2007   More below: DESIGN TIPS  

My To Do list

Exercise station: body curl, and recycling bin

Here's my short to do list at Edgewater Park. At top right is the City of Cleveland recycling bin. I try to take our household recycling there every week or two. Aside from having to shlep it to the dumpster, there's no reason not to recycle: you can take metal containers, plastics of most types (1-7), paper and cardboard. Best of all, no sorting necessary. This is a terrific program!

To find a Cleveland recycling location, use this interactive map. If your church, school or business wants to host a recycling bin, call 216-696-2122, ext. 126.

At bottom left is the "Body Curl" exercise station. Last summer the first time I tried it I could only do one curl. By the end of the summer I was doing two sets of ten. Once the weather warms up (if that ever happens) I'll start again. Hopefully with more than one curl.


Improve your design

From the British magazine ComputerArts , a list of 50 ways to become a better designer. Despite the magazine's title, most of the tips are not software/hardware related. Suggestions include "Use a sketchbook", "Get back to the brief", "Think on paper", and my favorite, "Take a shower". 

I used to get a lot of thinking done while running, which I did 2-3 times a week. I haven't had time or energy for running recently, but have been taking longer showers, using the time to think through problems and solutions. The article states that "Running water increases brain productivity." Hmm... sounds kind of fishy. I'd be interested to know if that's just an urban legend. Facts, anyone?