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SEPTEMBER 27, 2007

Ecoquiz(zes) and what you can do

Two days ago I talked about the Ecological Footprint Quiz, a quick and easy way to gauge how your lifestyle affects the earth we share. There's a more interesting and fun version that I used earlier but couldn't remember, called Consumer Consequences from American Public Media. It may not sound like much fun, but take my word for it, it is.

To start with, you can look like this female
or this female with sunglasses
or any of dozens of faces you can put together with the Character Selector.

Once you start playing you move through different scenes based on the selections you make. The information provided seems solid, and some questions give your more options—which should translate to more accurate calculations—than the Ecological Footprint Quiz.

What you can do

In this video Al Gore gives a short talk that starts out funny and ends up with 15 things you can do to combat climate change. OK, if you can't stand Gore, take a pass on this one. But if you'd like to do something but don't know where to start, Al's advice may be helpful. This is one many compelling talks given at the TED conference and archived at

Back in February, my friend Chuck invited a group of friends to his house to talk about how we could live "greener" lives. Here are suggestions from that meeting. More from the March meeting of the group, now called Gang Green.

A simple, painless way to start saving energy (thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions) is to use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in your home or office. Not sure why it's important? Here's what convinced me .

Want more suggestions? How about 51 Things We Can Do To Save the Environment from Time magazine. Or the Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming from

And so on. There's no shortage of ideas and suggestions out there, we just need to act on them. If there's an article, movie, book or website that's made you get off your butt and make even a simple change for the better, please share it with us via the "Comments" link below.

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