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MAY 5, 2007    More below: SPRING COLOR

Click! judges looking at a siteAnd the winner is...

After the initial round of judging for the Click! High School Web Competition was done online, several of the judges met at Tri-C today to choose first and second place category winners, along with the overall Grand Prize winner.

At left are John Katila of Digiknow (standing), Barb Cagley, SCK, and Jan Limpach, (holding mouse).

We can't announce the winners until the awards ceremony on May 22, 2007, but the today's session was lively and interesting as always.

Each of our judges comes from a different professional background: we have graphic designers, developers/coders, and other areas of web expertise on the panel.

Despite these differences, what the judges look for and value in the students' work is surprisingly similar: good content, evidence of care and effort in the site's production, and appropriateness of the site for its intended audience. 

Students might be surprised to find that the web pros are not overly impressed by lots of Flash animation unless it serves a specific purpose and does it well. Due to a unique feature of the Click! competition, students will actually get this feedback and much more. All judges' comments on each site are compiled and sent to the student or teacher at the end of the competition. This is one way in which we use the competition to educate as well as recognize and reward students.


Yellow flowerThe color of Spring

Springtime in Northeast Ohio means not just green but yellow and purple.

Yellow and purple flowersA little more than a week ago I walked through a wooded section of Big Creek Parkway in Parma, and yellow blossoms like the one you see here literally carpeted the banks of the creek.

Today only a few yellow flowers remained, but they've been joined by purple ones. Later in the year we'll see a wider variety of colors, but for now yellow and purple rule the hills and meadows.