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APRIL 26, 2008   


I had a dentist appointment at 9 a.m. and since I was up at 7:30 I decided to save gas, reduce pollution and get some exercise by walking the 3.2 miles to the office. Took about 45 minutes, meaning I was doing 15 minute miles, considered a "brisk walk." This pace burns around 100 calories/mile, so my entire walk would offset about one slice of pizza. That's a sobering thought, especially after all the eating I did yesterday.

Magritte was here?

Handwritten sign saying "Not a door"This note, taped to what certainly looks like a door in the restroom at Truffles, where I stopped for a cappuccino after my dentist appointment, reminded me of Magritte's painting The Treachery of Images, painted in 1929.

Magritte's painting The Treachery of ImagesMagritte's text reads "This is not a pipe."

Springtime in Cleveland

House with lots of flowersThis is a wonderful time of the year in Cleveland. Winter is almost a memory, although snow in April isn't impossible. But we've had several warm and sunny days this week, the daffodils are blooming, the lilacs are only a few days away, and flowering trees are littering the streets and sidewalks with their petals.

This house on W. 112th between Clifton and Detroit had a spectacular display of flowers, and the house itself is no shrinking violet.

Truth in advertising

Chicle sign and no trespassing signLess than ten blocks from the house with the yardful of flowers is this "post-industrial" scene... umm, I mean resort.

I've lived in the city all my life and on the Near West Side for 35 years, so I know that things can be pretty gritty. But this new construction at 103rd and Detroit looks downright grim.

Garden walk

New stone wall/walk in the garden near compost binMy outdoor project for the day was to rebuild the area around the compost bin in the "Back 40." I took the pieces of flagstone that were strewn around the area and built this walk/wall.

I also turned over the two foot strip of grass that's just below the wall to add more space to the garden. In a week or two I hope to plant peppers and eggplants, and Joanne will put in our usual plot of tomatoes.

We've added a couple of feet to the garden each year, expanding in the direction of more sun. The lower (uncovered) part of the black bin holds compost that's ready to use. Since there's a layer of clay just below the surface in this part of the yard, the compost is desperately needed.

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APRIL 2008