The View From 32


MAY 4, 2007    More below: MASSAGE

Blue sky over trees, Rocky River park

Just soaking it in

After the massage (see below) I drove down into Rocky River Metropark and walked along the river.

The sky was luminous blue, and the woods were filled with green new growth.

The temperatures were only in the low 60s, but if you found shelter from the cool breeze the sunshine made it feel much warmer.

Don't want to get over-confident, but I'm thinking that Spring may actually be here.


Pure luxury

One of the purely self-indulgent things I do every now and again is get a professional massage. I'm fortunate to have a friend who is also a really good massage therapist. I've tried others, and she's by far the best.

Some people get massages to help with chronic pain, joint/muscle problems, etc. In fact I knew another massage therapist who stayed busy catering to hard working Amish people.

For me, it's just how good it feels. It's a way to connect better with your body. As Kathy worked her way from my head to my feet I found that my breathing got slower and deeper. I stopped thinking about everyday chores. OK, I even dozed off for a bit.