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APRIL 6, 2008   

Processing workshop

Scene from Processing workshop at conferenceWhat is Processing?

This seems to be a hot topic among design educators, since about 60 of use signed up for the morning workshop on the basics of this relatively new programming language.

Unfortunately my plane back to Cleveland left at 1:30, so I had to leave the workshop at about 11:30, just as we were starting to get into the more interesting parts of the tutorial. As I left I heard "Now we're going to work with color."

Find out more and download your own free copy of Processing for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Processing the conference

On the flight back I mulled over what I'd learned at the conference, and several things stood out:

  1. the traditional model of an academic conference, which relies heavily on keynote speeches to the entire group interspersed among small group sessions where people read their papers and show slides, seems increasingly old and musty.
  2. there's a relatively small group of people—myself included—who enjoy conferences, and you frequently see the same faces again and again. That's OK for us, but I wonder if there might not be better ways to reach the larger group of design educators who for whatever reason don't go to conferences.
  3. I need to work on my social skills. I didn't have a single in-depth conversation with anyone during the past two days. I didn't try very hard to me anyone new, and despite the fact that several people remembered me from other events, I didn't seek them out to talk further. So last night I felt sorry for myself when I passed the groups in the hotel lobby assembling to go out to dinner, but I hadn't made the slightest effort to join anyone. Maybe next time.

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APRIL 2008