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JULY 8, 2007  

Greek graffiti

In the process of cleaning off my desk I found a backup disk for an old version of my iPhoto Library. It took me close to an hour to go through all the images and match them with my current Library. In the process I only found about a dozen that had mysteriously gone missing, now back in their proper chronological order.

I ddn't get much desk-cleaning done, but it was interestng to see images from two or three years ago, including these graffiti works from walls in Athens, Greece which we visited in 2005.

The first set seems almost childlike (is that the the Space Station at the bottom?), the second artistic, and the third, chilling.

Various stenciled and hand-lettered Greek graffiti Hand drawn graffiti human figure Stenciled image from Abu Ghraib prison with caption


Americans may have quickly forgotten the photos from Abu Ghraib prison that showed U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. Clearly some Greeks didn't.

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