The View From 32


MAY 2, 2007    More below: CLASSIFIED CREATIVE

At the old ball game...

Jacobs Field from East 9th and Carnegie, at night Instead of taking I-490 to I-90 to W. 41st, I drove home from East Campus via I-77 to East 9th St.

This route takes me past Jacobs Field, which glows with light every time the Indians are at home, and even some nights when they're not.

In the low 50s, it wasn't what I'd call a great night for a ball game, but then I'm not much of a fan.

The intricate steelwork, especially at night, is more interesting to look at than the hulking masonry walls of the old Municipal Stadium on the lakefront. But that's the style these days. Maybe in twenty years or so this will look incredibly dated.


Homepage for show website

Live on the web

Yesterday it was the video, today it's the website for the student Portfolio Show that went online, thanks to an immense amount of work in the past few days by Adam, one of our Interactive Media majors.

We mailed postcard/invitations on Tuesday, thinking that most people would get theirs on Thursday, giving us until, oh, maybe Wednesday midnight to get the site online.

Unfortunately the U.S. Postal Service was fleet of foot in this case, and delivered at least some of the postcards this morning. By noon I'd already gotten an email asking why there was no website. 

A few frantic emails back and forth resulted in a mostly functional website by early afternoon. By the time you read this it should be even better: