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JUNE 24, 2008   

Sunrise Tuesday

Sunrise over Lake ErieBack on schedule for sunrise today, even after more drinks and later bedtime last night. At least today the camera is in focus while there's a bit of a haze hanging over the water.

Best view in the house

Looking out toward the lake from the hot tubThe best view isn't actually in the house, it's from the outdoor hot tub, looking through its Japanese-style sliding windows toward a very blue Lake Erie.

While the view outside isn't always this nice, we're in the hot tub several times a day. It's especially wonderful at night with cool breezes making the candles flicker and we can see the Big Dipper through the back window.

Sunrise sunset

Sunset over downtown from the seat of the golf cartWe joined a small group of people watching the sun set over the island at the little beach behind the ferry dock. Across the road is the small motel run by Ted and Maggie who rent us a golf cart every year.

A couple of years ago they took down the old sign that strangely named the place "Sunrise Point" despite the fact that it clearly faces west. Clipped the the steering wheel of our cart are Ted and Maggie's phone numbers written on a piece of "Sunrise Point" notepaper.

We learned the value of these numbers a few days ago when Joanne and Piet had to abandon a dead cart a mile or two from the house. Ted didn't exactly race to their rescue, but eventually found the cart as J & P were walking home in the dark.

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