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APRIL 25, 2007   More below: SEO PYRAMID  

Pretzels in plastic jar on car seatRiding shotgun

I've found that pretzels make pretty good travel companions for the commute between home and school. Today the nearly-empty jar of Oatzels Oat Bran Pretzels rode along, but once the last broken scraps are gone, Oatzels are history. They may be healthy, but they're dry and bland (even for pretzels). Of course that big plastic jug was probably about $3 at Marc's, so who am I to complain?

My favorite pretzel is Snyder's Olde Tyme. When I used to pick up my grandson Xavier after school he'd get in the car and tell me he smelled pretzels, at which point I pretty well had to 'fess up and share mine with him. A one pound bag of Olde Tyme pretzels costs nearly as much as the two pound Oatzels, but are worth the investment.


Government Food PyramidIt's good for you, really

When Marc Majers, Senior Web Designer at, talked with my Web Publishing I class about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) he shared a helpful graphic, the SEO Pyramid.

Like the government's Food Pyramid, the SEO Pyramid helps you figure out the right amount of each type of SEO strategies to get healthy search results for your website. Move your mouse over the image at right to see how this works.

Just like you need lots of bread, cereal, pasta and rice in a healthy diet, to provide proper searchability nutrition to your website you need to do a lot with the web page coding. This "food group" includes things like good page titles, proper use of <h> tags, etc. And so on.

Marc's suggestions gave us something to chew on (sorry, couldn't resist). You can read more from Marc and friends at