The View From 32


APRIL 24, 2007    

Batter up?

Guys playing cricket on tennis court

There's what looks like a batter and a pitcher, and a few guys standing around. On the tennis court. Playing cricket.

As I walked the perimeter of the campus today, soaking in the sun, I noticed one of the most unusual athletic events I've seen at Tri-C Western Campus. It was a cricket match (?) game (?) being played on one of the rarely-used tennis courts back near the old Crile Building.

Made me feel that maybe we're not destined to remain a nearly all-white campus after all. If we can have cricket played on tennis courts by guys speaking a foreign language, can true multiculturalism be far behind?

And less than an hour later as I walked past two Asian-Americans eating lunch from plastic containers in the cafeteria, I caught a whiff of what might have been kim chee, not something you'd find on the cafeteria menu.