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NOVEMBER 10, 2007   More below: MONA LISA  

Last Supper, the musical

In a strange coincidence, last night I talked about the on-line version of Leonardo DaVinci's Last Supper, mentioning the hugely best-selling DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

Today I heard a news story that described a musical "code" formed by the hands and loaves of bread in the painting. These can be seen as notes of a musical score that has to be played left to write, as much of Leonardo's writing must be read.

The Italian musician Giovanni Maria Pala describes the music as a 15th century requiem (click link to listen).

But wait, there more! Pala also claims that the musical notes are in the shape of ancient Hebrew letters that can be translated"with Him consecration and glory." Who'd have believed that Dan Brown's theories would start to sound so conservative?

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Modern Leonardo

For the past two years I've had photographic work published in a calendar called 52 Weeks, 52 Works, published by Academy Graphic Communications. This year I couldn't manage to get anything submitted by their deadline, so was pleased to get an emailed invitation today to submit something, based on my previous work.

Mona Lisa, graffiti styleI spent an enjoyable hour or two scrolling through a year's worth of photos looking for something interesting to work with.

Along the way I flagged more than fifty family photos that will probably end up in a calendar that we'll give as Christmas presents. We did this a couple years ago and it was both fun and appreciated.

One of the images I sent to 52 Weeks is based on a photo I took at this year's City Expressionz graffiti festival. The guy holding the Mona Lisa was painting a huge version of it graffiti style, painting it freehand with spray cans. What would Leonardo think? (Maybe he'd have joined in).

Mona was starting to take shape nicely when the rains came, effectively canceling the festival and leaving her pale and unfinished.

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