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SEPTEMBER 17, 2007  

Odds & ends: stuff I found today


Insider scoop on advertising we love to hate at Adland. Lots of archived ads, including Superbowl commercials from 1970 to 2007. Seems that recent stuff is free, while older material requires a paid registration.

WWII propaganda poster with Viagra copyA companion site, Badland (Where Good Ads Go Bad) featured a Photoshop mashup contest that asked the question what would happen if we took old visuals and combined them with new products?

One of my favorites is this repurposed Rosie the Riveter:

See lots more at the Worth1000 site.

Opt-out of credit-card offers

I saw a brief article in today's Plain Dealer that gave a toll-free number to call to remove your name from lists used to send unsolicited credit card offers. Since I get several of these every week it seemed like it would be worth a phone call. I gave it a try.

The process is simple: you verify your name, address and social security number (or change the information if it's incorrect), say "yes" a couple of times, and you're done. Takes maybe two minutes. You can do the same for your spouse or child with a single call. The number is 1-888-567-8688. Take a minute to save a tree.

Make your own mashup

After yesterday's comment on Google Maps mashups, I ran across this article from Peachpit Press on how to code your own mashup. Doesn't look too hard.

The good ol' days

Screenshot of Great Lakes Expo home movieDriving in to work I heard a discussion on WCPN's Around Noon show of a recently-discovered home movie of the 1936-37 Great Lakes Exposition held in Cleveland. I've heard a lot about this "world's fair" type event, and this sounded like it would be a unique way of learning more.

The last remnant of the Exposition was the Donald Gray Garden behind the old Municipal Stadium. This was supposed to be restored when the new Browns stadium was built, but instead it was replaced by a generic-looking park.

When I got home I eagerly clicked on the link to watch it. Unfortunately the 11-minute video played poorly on my Mac, with long pauses between herky-jerky sections of action. I'm guessing that's because it's a WMV (Windows Media Video) file that's not happy on a Mac. If you've got a Windows computer, hopefully you'll get to see it. Let me know what you think.

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