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FEBRUARY 5, 2008     More below: ONLINE LIFE

The Grass is Greener

Just wanted to update the article from last week about choosing a theme for the Portfolio Preparation class end-of-semester show. We had another discussion of the various options with a different student "pitching" each of the top three ideas plus one I added to the list. We debated the pros & cons for five minutes each, then voted again. Here's how they finished:

So we're going with the Grass is Greener Here theme. The challenge is to come up with a way to make this common expression stand out visually.

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Online life vs. real life, Pt. 2

Last week's Living Online article has generated discussion both online and in the real world. You can read the comments and add yours (click "Read comments" at bottom of page). As for the real world, Joanne & I got into a long debate about whether more online communication reinforces anti-social behavior, making "loners" even more alone while giving them the illusion of having friends.

Interestingly, we started talking about this as we walked home from Lucky's, where we'd bought a New York Times. In the book review section we found this one: Against the Machine by Lee Siegel ("...the way the Internet is reshaping our thoughts about ourselves, other people and the world around us.") Mr. Siegel's view? The Internet is “the first social environment to serve the needs of the isolated, elevated, asocial individual.”

I did a bit of research of my own by googling "Who uses Twitter?" and found a number of people asking if social software makes us less social. There's a lively discussion underway at Bokardo.com.

As always, your thoughts are welcome on this page (click "comments" below) or as an addition to our earlier discussion.

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