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OCTOBER 31, 2007 

Halloween treat

Gummy Eyeballs packageWhat could be a better treat for the students in my Intro to Visual Communication class than a Gummy Eyeball? I stopped at Discount Drug Mart on my way in to class today and was able to score three bags of these beauties at half price!

Our Halloween class started with a discussion of the costumes we were wearing. After a few puzzled looks, students realized that even though there were no pirates, Darth Vaders, or sexy French maids in the room we all had on costumes.

We were dressed as students (or a teacher) in the U.S. We observed that one class member who comes straight from her job often has on a different costume than other students. She comes dressed as a social worker.

If we wore these same costumes in a college in another country we might look out of place, since we were dressed as American students. Sad to say, globalization of media has made costumes more similar worldwide, as my wife noticed last year when she visited the Great Wall of China and saw a young Chinese man wearing a LeBron James shirt.

OK, it's getting late. Class dismissed.

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