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JANUARY 15, 2008    

Yellow reflection on snow in front of Buddhist templeWatch out for yellow snow

Frank Zappa said, "Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!"

In this case, you might not have to worry about the huskies. The yellow snow you see at the base of the building is sunlight reflecting off the painted front of a storefront Vietnamese Buddhist temple on Bridge Avenue at West 54th Street. It was somewhat overcast, but the sun was still bright enough to create this colored reflection. Kind of the opposite of the colored shadows I noticed while reading a book in July.

I was walking in this rather delightful snow shower yesterday because I've decided to try to cut back on using the car whenever I can. I was meeting with an interactive artist, Melissa Daubert at Gypsy Beans, a coffeehouse about a mile west of my place on 32nd.

I'll probably talk more about Melissa and her work another time. I hope to figure out a way to have some of our interactive design students work with her on a project, maybe for next year's Ingenuity Festival. Probably too late to do anything for this year.

But back to walking in the snow. I figured that as long as I had about 15 minutes I could walk instead of driving, and it was enjoyable as well as good exercise. Between 44th and 48th street a guy emerged from a yard and walked ahead of me at a bit slower pace. Eventually I caught up to him and we exchanged greetings. He began tellling me the story of a foot fungus that periodically flared up, making it painful to walk. We continued this conversation for a block or so until I split off to cross the street and walk faster. This random human interaction—a little odd in terms of our conversation—was something that only happens when you're on foot. It added something to my day that made it better and richer, and didn't cost me a penny. Between that and the yelllow snow...

Just for fun, listen to Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow, Yellow Snow (you can tell by the steam that it's warm).

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