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DECEMBER 3, 2007  

Stormy Monday

Waves crashing on the rocks at Edgewater Park

The wind was blowing hard all day, gusting up to 50 mph, roiling the water and sending waves crashing over the rocks at Edgewater Park. I left for work early so I could stop at the park to watch. I have some great video footage but have given up on getting it on the site tonight. Haven't been able to jump the technical hurdles.

My Casio camera saves videos in AVI format and I'm using a freeware program called ffmpegX to convert them to Flash Video (flv) files. I'm using another freeware program called JW FLV Player to put them into my HTML pages (like this one) . In theory thia should be all I need, but... The player itself works when I test it with their demo FLV, but not with the FLVs I've encoded with ffmpegX. Not sure where the problem is, and I've run out of time and energy for tonite. Maybe I'll take another shot tomorrow (the crashing waves are really impressive).

In the meantime, here's a little of what it sounded like:

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