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JANUARY 5, 2008    

Art Museum visit, digital sketch

I went back to see the Modern Masters exhibit at the Cleveland Art Museum, since last time I kind of rushed through the last gallery or two. This time I got the audiotour, free because I'm a member, and listened to the descriptions of a few of the pieces. I'm not a big fan of these recoreded tours because they create rooms full of people listening but not actually looking at the work. On the other hand, you sometimes learn nuggets of information about the work that helps you understand it better.

I ended up buying a half-price Georgia O'Keefe calendar and a neat cut-out Christmas card—both half-price at the Museum Store. Then I got a cup of soup and a coffee at the Cafe, and sat there for awhile thinking about how I'd often done this in the past, usually with a journal or sketchbook, making notes on my visit.

This time—and not for the first time—I tried to figure out how to take this practice/experience of making notes and do it digitally. A huge difficulty is that notes and sketches are tactile and immediate: you feel what you're doing, and the result is instantaneous.

Digital work tends be time-consuming:

Very slow and removed from the experience compared to writing or sketching. You lose all sense of immediacy and connection with the reality you're attempting to capture. Makes me crazy.

And of course the software you use create limitations on what you can do, as does your ability to use it. My lame Flash skills made creating this little "sketch" much more difficult and the result less functional than it should be.

My apologies that you can't stop the animation when it begins to annoy you. Too late tonight to learn how to do that.

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