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OCTOBER 8, 2007  More below: SUNNY DAY  

Why switch to CFLs?

If you haven't yet changed from standard incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescents (CFLs) in your home and/or office despite my urgings, watch this three-minute video.

Sachi and Lee LeFever, known professionally as CommonCraft, use a sense of humor and an ultra-simple graphic style to explain things—as they say—in Plain English.

They've done equally helpful explanations of a variety of topics, including Internet features like Social Bookmarking, RSS and Wikis.

If these are things you've never quite understood, a few minutes on the CommonCraft site will make it clear. And you'll enjoy it, too.

Now we need to get them to work on the rest of the world's mysteries, like why Americans pay lots of money for a health club membership to stay in shape, then spend more money to buy and run a noisy gasoline powered leaf blower instead of just raking the dang leaves to stay in shape?

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Sunny & warm

Yesterday was close to 90 degrees—like mid-summer. My car overheated when we drove to the cemetery to put flowers on dad's grave in honor of my parents' wedding anniversary. So this morning I had to take it to the dealer to get things checked out. By 4 pm, close to $200 lighter, I was back on the road.

Looking up through the leaves of an oak treeToday was just as hot as yesterday. With my car in the shop, I was on campus earlier than usual. I thought I'd take advantage of the weather and sat on a bench to soak up some sun.

Before long I put down my book and laid down on the bench. Looking up, the oak tree was still green and leafy, but a little sparse in sections. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and before long I felt a leaf fall on my chest. Uh oh. Fall is starting slowly, but starting.

It was quiet, with a slight breeze rustling the leaves and the sound of a lawn mower in the distance. No bird sounds—they may have been too hot to chirp.

I reluctantly got up and headed inside to my office—small, windowless, kind of grim. But there's work to do, warm & sunny or not.

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