The View From 32


MAY 9, 2007    More below: HOW SAFE? 

I feel more secure already

Crile Building on Tri-C campusThis building in the northwest corner of Tri-C's Western Campus used to house a daycare center for the kids of faculty and students, along with a few classrooms. Daycare has been eliminated on all campuses, which seems to be a rather unfortunate decision.

The building has been empty for months, awaiting transformation into some sort of county-wide headquarters for Homeland Security.



Saturn Skys parked outside of Auto Tech building

How secure is it?

Maybe the reason the powers-that-be want to put the security headquarters here is that it's a pretty safe place already.

This picture shows four brand-new Saturn Sky convertibles parked in a lot next to the Automotive Technology building. They are just a few of the 40 or more cars and SUVs that are provided by the manufacturers for students to work on.

The remarkable thing about this is the relative lack of security. Notice that the fence is only about six feet high (easy to climb) and has no razor wire on the top.

In most neighborhoods in Cleveland (or any city in the country), a whole lot more security would be needed to keep these cars from disappearing overnight.