The View From 32


JULY 2, 2007   More below: LAKE VIEW    

Kelleys Island comes to Cleveland

The barge approaching Cleveland harbor yesterday afternoon is almost certainly carrying gravel from the LaFarge quarry on Kelleys Island. I took this picture from the W. 49th ramp onto the Shoreway on the way to Edgewater Park. At left you can see taconite from the Mesabi Range in Minnesota being unloaded from an ore carrier at the dock where the Hulett unloaders used to be, one of Cleveland's industrial history sites lost forever.


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Home again, lake view

It's not as great as having Lake Erie literally in your backyard, as we did on Kelleys Island (here, here, here, here and finally here), but it's home. I went to Edgewater Park at about 5 pm to run, something I never did while we were on the island. So it had been at least 2 weeks since my last run, and it sure felt that way. The lake was a beautiful deep blue, there was a steady breeze that the wind-surfers were enjoying, and the temperature was perfect, about 70 degrees. What's not to like?

This part of coming home was great. Earlier, the Saturday night that we got back, was less welcoming. After two weeks of sleeping with the sounds of the waves and not much else, I awoke several times during the night. Once it was the "pop-pop-pop" of firecrackers (maybe) or gunshots (hopefully not). Another time it was a shouting in Spanish from a neighbor. Since my Spanish is limited pretty much to "hola" and "buenos dias" I have no clue as to what was said, but since it was around the time the bars close I'm thinking maybe someone came home too late. Whatvever. It wasn't a restful night. By the next night I'd made the transition back, and have been sleeping fine since.


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