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MAY 15, 2007   

Ideas about the web, from the web

Jakob Nielsen photoWeb 2.0 = Bad Design?
He's baaaack... Jakob Nielsen, loved/hated a few years ago as the "guru of usability," weighs in on Web 2.0. Nielsen is easy to parody because of his resolutely plain website and his relentless self-promotion (with photos of course), but you'd be foolish to ignore his message about keeping the focus on how people use the web.
Linear vs. interactive storytelling
Advertisers learn how to let consumers (that's us) take part in the story. Or in advertising-speak: "...interactive media allows you the opportunity to complement the linear brand narrative with “My Narrative” — thus reinforcing your big idea even more."
Inside Google
An entire issue of .net magazine devoted to one of the most powerful forces on the web. Unfortunately the issue is sold out on the website—check your local bookstore or library.
Interactive / Media / Design
From the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, The Netherlands, a blog about... well, you figure it out.