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JUNE 3, 2007  More below: BREAKFAST

Nashville to Cleveland.

Got up about 6 this morning... haven't been sleeping well in Nashville. Went out for a run of about 3 miles—across the bridge, around the Titans' stadium, back across the bridge and around the back of the Country Music Hall of Fame, back past the convention center.

Nashville Convention Center from BroadwayFunny how there's a certain turquoise-green color that was favored by architects for downtown projects like this. When they renovated the Cleveland Convention Center the same green showed up, as it did in the Powerhouse project in the Flats. I suspect you'll find it used in civic projects all around the country.

At the time it seemed modern and fresh, now it seems generic.

If you see this "Convention-center green" on a building in your town, send me a picture!

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Mmmm... breakfast at last

It took a while, but I finally found someplace to get a breakfast on Sunday that wasn't either 1) pastry  or 2) overpriced like the hotel restaurant.

Most restaurants near the hotel are closed on Sunday morning, but during a conversation at dinner last night a place called "Noshville" was recommended by several folks. Plate of eggs, corned beef hash, potato pancakesIt was quite a hike, about a mile away, but it had a real breakfast menu with ham and sausage, eggs and potatoes.

I'm kind of a breakfast guy, so is exactly what I'd been looking for. I ordered corned beef hash with eggs over medium and "silver dollar" potato pancakes. It wasn't the greatest, but still hit the spot. I wasn't crazy about the flavor of the corned beef—it seemed just a bit off—and the potato pancakes were too thin. I like them crunchy on the outside, but with a soft potato layer in the middle for contrast. These were cooked crunchy all the way through.

Neither Lucky's nor the Market Cafe have anything to fear, but then both of them are pretty far from Noshville. And Nashville. Do you have a favorite breakfast spot?

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