OCTOBER 6, 2007  


Driving to the Natural History Museum I almost took Chester Ave. because the two closest on-ramps to the Shoreway are closed for construction. But at 6:30 the sky was turning all colors of pink and gold, so I drove downtown to the W. 3rd Shoreway ramp which let us see the lake for most of the drive. The water and sky were beautiful. Lots of small boats were out, people wisely taking advantage of a warmer-than-usual October weekend.

Looking west at sunset from University CircleBy the time we got to University Circle the sky had gotten even more spectacular, seen here looking west from in front of the Museum of Art.

It's great to see much of the Museum's construction fence down, revealing the north side of the new wing. Before long the Museum will be open again, at least more of it than at present.

As much as I understand that a project of this magnitude takes time, it's been hard having the place closed for so long. There's a big void in Cleveland without the Museum of Art.

We went to the Natural History Museum for the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, an evening of short films about whitewater rafting, urban gardens, trekking in the Himalayas, wind farms and much more. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about the best of the bunch. Both Joanne & I liked the films a lot. If the W&S Film Festival comes to your town, don't miss it!

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