OCTOBER 1 , 2007  

How to ask for a raise

A former student emailed me asking what to do about her job situation. The job wasn't nearly as creative as she'd hoped, and the company didn't give her the raise they'd promised after three months. I gave her the typical advice: ask for a meeting with your boss, focus on your accomplishments, be polite but assertive, etc. Good advice, I think, but I always try to suggest online resources so people can do their own research on whatever the question is.

As usual, I just typed my question into Google: "how to ask for a raise." The second hit seemed interesting, a website called SoYouWanna.com. The name caught my fancy, and I liked the light-hearted but easy to understand approach:

Screenshot of how to ask for a raise page

After poking around on the site a bit, I'm going to recommend you try it the next time there's something you want to learn online.

As with everything on the Web, take the information with a healthy-sized grain of salt.

I thought their unqualified endorsement of Microsoft FrontPage as the best way to make a website needed some serious qualification (like "if you're an amateur and don't want to learn one of the industry-standard programs").

I'm sure there are other subjects where an expert might disagree (as experts do). But you can raise these issues with any site—or book, for that matter—that purports to tell you how to do anything.

Give SoYouWanna.com a try—I think you'll like it.

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