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JULY 27, 2007  


Warning on towel dispenser in men's room

You may have seen stickers like this on towel dispenser in men's rooms. I suppose ladies' rooms too.

A couple of questions always pop into my head:

1) does anyone every really hang themself from a towel dispenser in a bathroom?

and more importantly

2) if you're suicidal and have settled on the men's room as the place where you intend to end your life, would reading a warning sticker change your mind?


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Getting ready

Black fabric nettingTomorrow afternoon I'm leaving for Finland, St. Petersburg and London, so I've started to gather together things I need to pack.

This year I've added two yards of black netting from JoAnn Fabric. The stuff looks a lot like window screening, and that's exactly why I'm packing it. A visitor's comment about St. Petersburg on mentioned that summer is hot in Russia and many hotels have neither air conditioning nor window screens. But theY do have mosquitos, hence the netting.

If we need it, four bucks worth of cloth and a small roll of duct tape will let us make our own screen over even the biggest hotel window.



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