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AUGUST 14, 2007  

Technical training

View of classroom during training session showing speaker in the distance.You've probably had to sit through all-day training sessions similar to this if you use computers in your line of work.

Here I'm learning how to use the classroom management software called Blackboard.

I used it all last semester for my Web Publishing class, but never got the formal training, so I hoped to pick up some tips & tricks.

The reason for this picture, though, has nothing to do with the training itself. It has to do with the tiny figure in hot pink that you see just to the right of the white support column.

That's who's speaking, and what I noticed was that I—and others, it seems—were compelled to find out where the voice we heard was coming from.

It was very disconcerting to hear someone speaking but not know where he/she was. Once I saw where the speaker was, I didn't look that way very often. As you can see, I was so far in the back of the room that I could hardly see them anyway. But I had to know where they were to feel comfortable listening.

I'm sure this is another one of those hard-wired survival instincts that influence so much of our behavior. Once I can identify the source, I am prepared to respond to anything they might do. Grrrrr.

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After a full day of training, I didn't have much energy to work on the site after work. I managed to add just one day of our recent vacation, but it's a tasty one.

Take a look at Aug. 5 (Helsinki). You can see the unmodified photos in a couple of batches at my site.

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