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JULY 6, 2008    More below:  NEVER FOREVER


I took Joanne to the airport today to fly to Amsterdam for the International School Psychologists' annual conference. I gave her a hug—well, several, really—and left her in line at the security checkpoint.

Before I left for home I watched cars drive up and let out passengers in front of the terminal. The body language of the goodbyes said an awful lot.

Man with suitcase hugging older womanSmall group of people huggingMan and woman in tight embrace

In less than a week I'll be taking the same flight to Amsterdam. We made a date to meet at noon on July 13th in the lobby of the CitizenM Hotel. Between now and then there are a lot of trip details that I have to finalize. I'm not used to this—usually Joanne does all the planning and I just show up and come along for the ride.

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Never Forever

Scene from movie Never Forever with man kissing woman's backI admit that the description "some of the hottest sex scenes..." caught my eye, so I decided to go to the Cleveland Cinemateque to see Never Forever.

The sex scenes were disappointing—lukewarm, at best—but the acting of lovely Vera Farmiga was terrrific. She plays Sophie, a young wife agonizing over her inability to conceive a child due to her husband's sterility. Her solution—paying a young man she encountered at the fertility clinic to have sex with her—works as planned at first.

But of course nothing is ever that simple. Things get complicated and then implode.

The more I think about the movie the more it seems like just a romantic potboiler, but the acting is so good that it really grabbed me. It made me think about the emotions and conflicts of people who could easily have been cardboard stereotypes.

The cinematography and editing were well done: dramatic at times, introspective at others. Overall, a good film to add to your Netflix queue for a romantic diversion.

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