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FEBRUARY 1, 2008    

What do people search for?

List of top 10 search terms for this websiteIt's always interesting—but not always in a good way—to see what people search for and find on this website. At left is the list provided by Google Analytics of the most requested keywords for all of 2007.

You can see certain trends: interactive design and design forum are popular, which is interesting since my previous site was called Interactive Design Forum. Even today, when I googled "interactive design" the old site came up #3, a spot it's held for several years now.

Frontal nudity in various forms tops Darfur death toll variations for a strong second place finish. Al Wasco is up there near the top, and at the bottom is Spencer Tunick, an artist/photographer known for ... guess what? Yep, nudity. He's the guy that photographs thousands of nude people in cities around the world. Not even sure why this site is getting hits for Tunick, since I wrote about him on my 44113.com site that hasn't been updated for a year.

I'm disappointed that "design education" doesn't come up often, and when I tried googling it my site wasn't even in the first 10 pages. When I added the word "Cleveland" I got to page three, but it was for my older 44113.com site. This current site isn't on Google's radar for those keywords yet. Oh well.

If there's a topic you're curious about, try typing it into the search box on the homepage. You may be surprised what you find.

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