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FEBRUARY 17, 2008    

Sunday... and Juno

It's Sunday night already—actually 12:20 a.m. on Monday—and my "To Do" list still has several things not crossed off. And sad to say I never even put everything on it that should have been there. Since I teach Monday through Thursday, every Friday I look forward to getting lots done over the three-day weekend. And every Sunday I think "Boy, where did that time go?"

Sundays have a fairly regular pattern: get up, drink several cups of coffee, read the paper, then water the plants and vacuum the downstairs carpets. At 11:30 I head for Mom's assisted living place to have lunch with her, then usually take her to Marc's to buy a few odds & ends, or go there myself if she doesn't feel like braving nasty weather.

By the time I get back home it's usually around 4 pm, so I'll do odds & ends of work before supper at 6. Usually I watch some TV before heading up to my office around 10 to start on school-related work. And think, "Boy, where did that time go?"

Section of screenplay from JunoToday we went to see the movie Juno, which turned out to be very enjoyable. Funny, well-written, very well acted, and with a sort of love-conquers-all message that wasn't nearly as sappy as most Hollywood films.

The New York Times review calls it a "serious, heartfelt comedy," which I would definitely second. I laughed out loud many times, but also grew to like the characters, especially Juno and several of the adults around her.

The writing was especially good, as you can see from reading excerpts from the screenplay included with the NYT review. It borders on being too smart for its own good, like some of The West Wing dialogs, but never crosses that line. Good film.

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