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MAY 18, 2007   More below: CERTIFICATE  |  WEB POLITICS

Sunset over Lake Erie, from the ShorewaySunset from the Shoreway

Driving home from the AIGA Awards Show in Cleveland Heights (more on that below) I got on the Shoreway at East 72nd. When you merge onto the highway from this ramp you're on a little rise, giving you a nice view of the lake to the north.

Today's sunset was beautiful, one of the reasons why I like to drive home this way instead of the possibly faster inland route down Carnegie.




AIGA award certificate with word misspelledThe good news: one of our Tri-C students, Garrett Haas, was awarded a Certificate of Design Excellence in the Cleveland AIGA Design Competition. This is no small feat: the panel of judges only gave out a couple of student awards.

We're tremendously proud of Garrett and his work. His animation that won the AIGA award also was chosen as Best Digital Media entry in our own Visual Communication & Design Student Show just a week ago.

Now the bad news: someone slipped up in proofreading the certificate itself. One of the things we constantly harp on with students is to watch out for typos...this won't make my job any easier.


Web 2.0 meets Campaign 2008

From Christian Science Monitor, a look at how politicians are scrambling to exploit the social aspects of the Web. From the article:

...there's no doubt that interaction with voters – aided and amplified by still-unfolding Web innovations – is the name of the game in the 2008 presidential race.

There's even a MySpace primary in the works:

...candidates have flocked to set up pages on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. In the 6-million-member Second Life cyberworld, presidential candidates have "offices," organized by volunteers who keep in touch with the official campaigns. MySpace will push the envelope in Web-based politics when it conducts its own presidential primary on Jan. 1 and 2, 2008 – just before the real primaries begin. With 64 million MySpace members being asked to vote, that's a contest the candidates cannot ignore.

At least these are commercials we can avoid if we choose.