The View From 32


MAY 7, 2007    More below: LONG NIGHT

Lilacs in bloomLilacs in bloom

Very much in keeping with the Spring color scheme, the first of the lilacs began to blossom over the weekend. Sitting in the back 40 with a little breeze blowing, you get the occasional scent of lilacs. Combined with the warmth of the sun this makes for a very pleasant way to spend some time.





A long night

Al's car, alone in the parking lotWith the end of the semester approaching, the Portfolio Prep class is busy—very busy—getting things in place for their Classified Creative show this Friday and Saturday.

Although I'm not aiming to get the last guy in the parking lot award, I don't mind staying late when the students are putting this much effort into their work. In fact if I didn't need to stick around to help them get ready that would be a problem.

As I took this picture it seemed kind of odd to hear birds chirping this late at night, against the background of traffic noise:

Must be the night shift in Parma. In my neighborhood you hear the birds in the daytime.