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AUGUST 11, 2007  

Whole family gathered together for Mom's birthdayFamily day

Sharon, Ken & kids are in town from New Hampshire. Today is Mom's 91st birthday, so we all got together at Danny's house for brunch cooked by Ken.

Lots of pancakes, homefries, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, etc., followed by chocolate/coconut cake. I ate way too much, but it was darn good (again).

After this celebration, I took Mom to Aunt Mitzi's 85th birthday party at a nearby restaurant. Couldn't eat a thing.

It was enjoyable, though, to talk with cousins I see only rarely. The fact that this was a birthday and not a funeral made it even better. I can't say I look forward to things like this, but usually am happy I went afterwards. Mom seemed to enjoy it, so it was all good.

Went home afterward and spent about an hour with Sharon & her crew, but they needed to leave to drive back to NH. Would have been nice to have more time to spend, but everyone is so busy these days that you have to just appreciate what you get.

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