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JANUARY 16, 2008    

Driver's License

Driver's License and receipt for payment I was only a month late in renewing my Driver's License, meaning it was a relatively quick and painless process. I felt good about answering yes to the Organ Donor question. If something bad happens to me, maybe something good can happen to someone else. I even kicked in the voluntary dollar fee to publicize the program.

I felt less good when the clerk shoved a half-sheet of paper in front of me and said: "sign-here-that-you've-got-insurance." It's no wonder that there are so many uninsured drivers on the road. Many people I know that have been in accidents in the city have been hit by uninsured drivers. It's happened to me once or twice despite the law that requires insurance.

Now I understand better why this happens. There are only a couple of opportunities to enforce the law before an accident occurs, and applying for and/or renewing your license is one of those. Even simply asking "Do you have insurance?" would be a step in the right direction. At least then you'd know that the state was paying attention.

I'm not a whole lot more confident in the vision test. I had to look into the machine without my glasses and read "line 5" several times at different settings. At least one of the times I was guessing all the way down the line. It would have been different with my glasses, but that's not part of the test. So I guess I can see well enough to satisfy the state.

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