The View From 32


MAY 1, 2007   

Check it out:

The Portfolio Prep students have been busting their collective butts getting ready for our upcoming portfolio show at Gallery 324, downtown in the Galleria at Erieview.

There's a team working on publicity who've compiled and updated a list of nearly 200 professional contacts in the Cleveland area, a "print" team that designed a postcard/mailer and a poster, and a "web" team that's putting the final touches on a brand-new website,

The "video" team, Gina Brinker and David Lupica, put together this promo for the show.

If you're in the Cleveland area, please join us on either Friday, May 11 (5-9 pm) or Saturday May 12 (noon-4pm). Meet the students who are Classified Creative, and see why.