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MAY 5, 2008   

Another Monday

School today was talking about peoples' ideas for their final project in Intro to Visual Communication, then working with a student on a mailing for Friday's Portfolio Show. It was disappointing that after we'd spent more than a half hour getting the color adjusted reasonably well, the test prints showed other problems. The artwork wasn't set up properly, the typeface was nearly impossible to read, and the layout of the cards didn't match. I thought that mailing the piece "as is" would probably hurt more than help us. So we'll send a simple postcard that I put together using art from the poster.

Detail of VISA bill shows due date with note that says paid onlineBack at home I had to water the indoor plants, a few of which were ready to give up the ghost after two weeks with no water. Funny how these simple tasks can slip away from you sometimes.

In the same vein, I had to pay $12 to my credit card company to make an "express" payment on a $1.50 balance that's due tomorrow! Stupid of me to wait until today, but I had to pay the $12 to avoid a late fee of $29 or more. Unfortunately it's not the first time this has happened, but it's the first time for the ridiculous amount of $1.50.

Last week I paid $28 to ship a new hard drive back to LaCie for repairs. It was due to be out of warranty in just a couple of days, so I needed the rush shipment. I'm ashamed to say that I had it sitting around in the box for months before I tested it and discovered that it didn't work. Then it sat for more months until I called Customer Service. Then I had to pay extra to ship it back before the warranty expired. Kind of a theme here, no?

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