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DECEMBER 11, 2007  

Signs of the season

Truck in rear-view mirror with red bow on grillI don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel more festive than the sight of a truck bearing down on me in the rear-view mirror.

With a bow on its grill.

Well, except for maybe those antlers that attach to the side windows....

Flowers with writing on the petals,  part of an Intro VC projectTime to clear some space in my office for this semester's batch of Intro to Visual Communication projects. I tend to hang onto them for about a year in case any student wants his/hers back, as happened today.

But if I haven't heard anything in a year I have to dump 'em in the wastebasket, like this batch of artificial flowers with sentimental messages on them.

PDA screen showing arrow for "Cuyahoga Commonwealth College"I don't know what to make of this: standing in a hallway lined with tall windows near my office at Cuyahoga Community College, the GPS on the iPaq sort of knew where it was even though it didn't get the name quite right. But it kept insisting that it couldn't get a valid signal. I eventually got tired of waiting and turned it off.

If it couldn't get a valid signal, how did it know it was at the college? Maybe it couldn't triangulate with multiple satellites but had one or two that sort of told where it was?

I don't think I'm ready to trust my life to GPS just yet.

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