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JUNE 16, 2007 

Stocking up

After going to the same rental house on Kelleys Island every summer for close to ten years, we've pretty much got it down to a system. Each year, in fact, we write a "Don't forget to bring next year!" list. Yesterday we consolidated three of those into a master list and started gathering things together prior to our Sunday departure.

My job today was to go to the West Side Market and stock up on the foods that are hard to get on the island. So I went to my usual stands and came home with:

Bagels from Christopher's—lots of sesame, a few whole wheat, couple of plain, and two poppyseed for me. Also from Christopher's, a loaf of crusty multigrain bread.

From Whittaker's, a 5 lb. piece of pork shoulder for my annual pulled pork dinner (probably have that next Saturday when all the kids are there), a half-dozen pork chops, and a bunch of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for the grill.

A quick stop at Walker's to pick up some smoked turkey and ham for sandwiches. Since sliced meat won't stay fresh long we'll buy more on the island.

On to Meister's for good cheese to go with the bagels: white cheddar, smoked Gouda, Jarlsberg (a mellow "swiss" cheese from Norway), a wedge of Brie, and just for the heck of it, a small piece of Stilton with blueberries.

Then finally, outside to get a good supply of limes (for gin & tonics) and lemons, veggies to grill (red, yellow and green peppers, zuccini, mushrooms) and Romaine lettuce for salads.

Fresh vegetables are hard to buy on the island. Beer and wine, on the other hand, are easy to get and cheaper than here, since they don't have the county "sin" tax that we have. We import our gin, vodka, etc. but buy beer on the island.


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