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Sunny day

River, downtown building, bridge, blue skyIt was cold but gloriously sunny all day, so about 3 pm I decided to walk down through the Flats where I took this picture of the Federal Court House Tower, the Cuyahoga River and one of the many bridges that span it.

Just because the weather was so beautiful I ended up walking quite a bit more than I'd planned, but it was worth it.

Seagulls on frozen river surfaceThe gulls seemed to enjoy their ability to walk on water—or stand on it at least.

Click below to hear the gulls against a background drone of traffice on the Detroit-Superior Bridge overhead.


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Just do something

A while ago I wrote about the problem many of us share, that we have lots of ideas but usually don't act on them. I thought my article Great ideas don't mean squat would inspire people to take action, and it would become an internet phenomenon, linked to by blogs everywhere.

It didn't, and it wasn't.

Screenshot of We Are What We Do siteBut here's another possibility. A website called WeAreWhatWeDo has an online list of "simple, everyday actions you can do to help change the world (and have fun while you're doing it)."

Sort of like what I was talking about, only way more organized.

They've made it a bit like a game—you can sign up and have your actions tracked, meaning that what you do gets added to what everyone else does and totaled up, making visible the connection between individual and group actions. They also encourage you to "Dare" your friends to do something.

The list of 100 actions includes obvious "green" things, like No. 3: "Fit at least one energy-saving bulb" and No. 25: "Use a mug not a plastic cup" but includes much more. I like No. 19: "Learn one good joke" and No. 8: "Have a bath with someone you love." Even No. 100 on the list has a lot to recommend it: "Fail." I have experience with that, and it's how you learn.

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