The View From 32


MAY 30, 2007  

Hang in there, guys

Pepper plants in trayMy pepper plants lovingly raised from seed are ready to go into the ground, but they'll have to wait until I get back from the AIGA conference in Nashville. I thought I'd plant them tonight after supper, but instead...

Joanne & I spent a couple of not-so-happy hours scouring the Internet for a decent, reasonably priced and centrally-located hotel in St. Petersburg. 

You've heard the designer's rule of thumb,  right? I can do it good, cheap and fast. Pick any two. Well, hotels in St. Petersburg follow a similar rule. Those that are centrally located tend to be either very expensive or very unattractive. Two or three that sounded good in the guidebooks got horrible reviews at A couple sounded nice, but they are small (10-14 rooms) and were booked for the dates in August we need.

Travel to Russia seems to be a bit more difficult than most of the other countries we've visited. Let's hope it's worth it.


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