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MAY 11, 2007    More below: SHOW

Detail of Russian visa applicationWorse than the IRS

This summer Joanne's conference is in Finland, so I'll meet her in Helsinki around the 28th of July.

We'll be so close that a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, seems like a good idea.

I had no idea, though, how much of a pain in the ass getting a Russian visa could be.

The two-page application asks the normal questions like age, place of birth, etc., but also asks for "all professional, civil and charity organizations which you are (were) a member of, or contribute (contributed) to, or work (worked) with." Hmm... is is better to list few or many? Big or small? Civic or political? Then of course there's the question about "special skills...related to nuclear, biological, or chemical activities?" As if any would-be terrorist planning to blow up the Winter Palace would say yes to this question.

After spending more than a half hour at the travel agency working on the application I had to give up the idea of finishing it, and bring it home so I can look up a phone number for the place I worked three jobs ago.


Portfolio show, Day One

Brent from Ideastar talks with AdamToday was the first day for the Classified Creative student portfolio show. They did a good job of publicizing & promoting it, but at 5:00 there were no throngs outside the door of Gallery 324. People eventually trickled in a few at a time. Probably no more than 30 came through in the course of four hours, which was a little disappointing for all of us.

The good news is that of those who came, I know for a fact that several were hoping to find students to fill jobs or internships. Now we need to wait and see if any of this matchmaking pays off.

At right, Adam (in the dark jacket), listens as Brent from Ideastar explains his approach to coding websites.

You always wish that more people would attend something like this, but if even one student gets a job offer out of it,  it will have been worth all the effort.