The View From 32


MAY 21, 2007  

Selling the world?

Honda Formula One car with world map graphicsUnlike most race cars, this Honda Formula One car has only a discreet decal or two advertising commercial products. Instead, Honda has covered the sleek F1 roadster with a colorful map of the earth.

It's part of a campaign Honda calls My Earth Dream; to find out more go to  The idea seems to be that you make a pledge via the website to do something to save the earth, and, Honda promises:

"After you have made your pledge your name will appear, not only in a pixel on the digital car, but also as a teeny part of the artwork on the real F1 car."

Sounds pretty cool. Unfortunately the slick website doesn't seem to be working, at least not on my Mac using Firefox. I was able to pick a spot on the car body for my pledge to appear but couldn't get any further. Clicking on "View Pledges" didn't take me anywhere either. Maybe another day.