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OCTOBER 22, 2007  

Gang Green, again

After laying low for a month or two, our neighborhood "green living" support group, Gang Green, met yesterday. About a dozen of us got together for a potluck/meeting, sitting around Mark & Bobbi's new Amish-made dining room table.

As with our early meetings, we talked about what we'd been doing and what we hoped to learn more about. There was a lot of interest in rain gardens, a topic that's completely new to me. It involves redirecting downspouts to channel rainwater to a garden area planned to withstand both periods of drought and standing water. Sort of feast or famine, waterwise. This will probably be the topic at our next meeting.

Baby steps

After the meeting Joanne & I agreed that getting together with people who are trying in small ways to make their lives more green was encouraging. No one is kidding themselves that these efforts will change the world. They are very small steps in what we hope is the right direction. But if everyone took a couple of small steps, we would change the world. That's how change happens.

So, for what it's worth, here are a few of our baby steps:

Our Eco-footprint is still way too big, but we're making progress. And none of this has been terribly difficult, it just takes a bit of thought and planning.

More steps

The chief Gang Green instigator, Chuck Ackerman, posts occasional stories of his efforts to go green on the GreenCityBlueLake website. If you want ideas or encouragement for greening your own life, read Chuck's My Green Month.

Have you done anything green lately? Share your ideas by clicking "Comments" below.

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