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APRIL 7, 2008   

Spring flowers

Purple crocusesFinally it's starting to look like Spring in Cleveland. Today's temperature hit the low 70s, the sun was shining, and in the backyard the crocuses were in full bloom.

Back in the work world, today was an all-day (9-5) curriculum planning meeting, with an hour for lunch that I spent teaching an abbreviated version of my Monday Intro to Visual Communication class.

As I look forward to my sabbatical next year, this is the kind of thing that I sure won't miss. I know these discussions are important, but most of the time I'd be just as happy to have someone tell me what to do rather than have a role in planning it. I'm not a meeting person, and curriculum development isn't one of my strengths. Be that as it may, we're having another all-day extravaganza before the semester ends. Hooray.

Conference update

The three panelists from our Teaching Design, Teaching Technology session in Boston on Saturday have given me URLs where you can learn more about them and their work:

I asked them in an email what feedback they'd gotten after the session. Their responses are below.

"I didn't get any feedback about our panel format, but I got more questions concerning the content of our panel." (DeAngela)

"Most of the feedback I received after the panel was about 'OK, now
what do we do?' If each school makes their own decision about how
much to integrate technology... how do they do it? Yikes." (Laura)

"Everyone I spoke with was pleased that

  • we did not show powerpoint presentations
  • we took questions from the audience
  • we tried to engage the audience
  • we talked about a universal problem." (Jason)

I've heard similar comments, particularly the question of how to balance technology and theory. That's exactly what I'll be talking with teachers and students about next year. Before I start my travels I plan to post a brief survey online to get a sense of the current state of things.

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