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NOVEMBER 23, 2007  

Cold but sunny

Cleveland skyline near sunsetThis morning there was a light layer of snow on the ground, the first we've had. It was around 30 degrees for most of the day, but the sun was shining.

I went to Edgewater Park about 4 pm and ran five miles. As the sun neared the horizon the light was gorgeous shining on the row of trees still covered with orange leaves. I really wanted to take a picture, especially when the moon rose and hung just above the trees.

But I've promised myself that I won't base my life on getting that "perfect" image or sound to put on this website. I want to document what I'm living, not the other way around. I remember watching white-water rafters in Colorado one summer. One guy did nothing but videotape the whole trip. He stood (or sat or knelt) with the camera while everyone else was paddling furiously and having a great time. He'll be able to watch the video, but never really went whitewater rafting, in my book. I'm not interested in living my life through pictures.

So, by the time I finished my run the sun was below the horizon and the moon was much higher in the sky. Driving home you could still see it making the downtown buildings glow with a golden light.

If I want to see the sunset in pictures, I can always go to Eternal Sunset.

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