The View From 32


AUGUST 10, 2007  

Back home

Woke up around 6 a.m., body not yet back on Cleveland time.

County fair midway at night, Italian sausage stand

Went to Cuyahoga County Fair with kids & grandkids. Meal plans based on eating fair food: fried stuff, mostly (deep-fried veggies, elephant ears, corn dogs) plus gyros and Italian sausage sandwiches.

Funnel cake with powdered sugarI'm not a big fan of elephant ears, but the one I sampled wasn't nearly as greasy as I expected. Reading a Wikipedia article later about a similar fried delicacy, the funnel cake, made me less enthusiastic. At 760 calories it qualifies as a meal, just not a very healthy one.

Maybe it's just because we were eating bland British food for the past several days, but this stuff tasted pretty darn good.

My plan was to buy one of those crispy powdered sugar covered waffles that are a county fair tradition, but I made the mistake of taking Xavier's challenge of going on a spinning, bouncing ride with him. He loved it, I could only survive by keeping my eyes closed throughout. If I tried opening them my stomach started to spin as fast as the ride.

Afterwards the idea of eating anything just wasn't on my agenda.


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