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APRIL 18, 2008   

Warm weather activities

Another beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the upper 70s (upper 20s C). It was a perfect day for doing outdoor chores like raking out the leaves and twigs that blanketed the ivy alongside the house. I meant to rake them off the grass in the backyard too, but somehow that job got lost in the shuffle.

Sitting on the back deck early in the morning I realized we have our own "nature" sounds, just like you'd have in the woods—but different. If you listen closely you'll hear the native call of the Common Car Alarm, the Second District Police Siren, and the 32nd Street Wind Chime, along with a few birds, species unknown. Enjoy.

Close-up of running shoesLater in the day I went to Edgewater Park for a run: 4 laps (3.7 mi). First time I laced up my old running shoes for real since late fall. I thought it would feel good. Silly me. It wasn't bad, but my pace was pretty slow. I planned to run three and a half laps and walk the last half, but I felt good enough that I ran the whole way. Then I sprawled out on a picnic table and soaked in the sunshine for a good long while (might have fallen asleep for a few minutes there).

Tomorrow the plan is to meet our friends John and Jean in Kidron, Ohio, the heart of Amish country. We're starting at Lehman's Hardware, a great place that carries a huge assortment of non-electric things like oil lamps, kerosene irons, wood-burning stoves—what they call "products for simple, self-sufficient living." Later we'll stay in a nearby B&B, with no computer. Should be nice.

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APRIL 2008